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August of 2008 a brand new bet-tourism in our County was signed today a cooperation agreement between the municipality of Tondela, Supranational Organization of SMEs the Atlantic Axis - OSPEA, Trade Association of the District of Viseu and the Parishes of Santiago de Besteiros, Fráguas Monastery, and keep the Besteiros Vilar, Recreation and Sports Cultural Center of Santiago de Besteiros Tondela and Professional School. The aim was to develop an instrument with this plan that is a factor in tourism growth, economic and cultural district. He was recently created an executive committee to develop the ground all the work while a broader commission in order to monitor and make contributions to enrich the work of the first. We live in a troubled period of difficulties and challenges at the same time, tourism and the economy are an important vector for Tondela County and its strategy to develop new activities and new concepts of tourism, culture and commerce. There are many initiatives and achievements of our County to create dynamism and progress to the living but also those who visit us. The aim is to prepare a project that the medium and long term to renew our villages, victims of aging and desertification. The paths in the "Middle Ages" and following seasons, led much of Europe and its peoples to the Galician city of Santiago de Compostela, now may be the one factor of development. It is the intention of revitalizing the city of Tondela paths in the municipality of Santiago…
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