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Wednesday, 19 October 2011 10:33

Invest in the Region


The Municipality of Tondela is today a reference in the economic region. The entrepreneurial characteristic of our communities, combined with an unparalleled dynamism of the Municipality Tondela transformed into a hub of development and competitiveness on the regional and single country.

The numerous economic activities pursued in the County are reflective of a new understanding of sustainable development and strategically played by local mayors, interpreted by the agents on the ground that business here, continue to set up betting on potential, local resources and capacities of populations Tondela.

Investments are being made in upgrading technology, as well as the expansion and establishment of enterprises in the territorial area of ​​the County, have allowed Tondela to continue to assert itself as one of the most industrialized municipalities in our region.

The sectors of industry, commerce and services, in several business areas, and despite the national context characterized by the relocation of companies, have known here, reversing the national trend, with unemployment rates well below national rates, with obvious implications on economic growth and positive county, too, well above the average levels in the country.

Tourism has a strong impact on the local economy, pay attention to the number of jobs it offers, both in restaurants and hotels, as well as handicrafts.

In this sense, the Municipality of Tondela have responded positively to the needs of businessmen based here.

The different industrial zones located in the County of Tondela, coupled with an excellent road network, with a circulation convenient, safe and effective for people and goods, a privileged geo-strategic location, have proved to be desirable locations for investment.

This record of enthusiasm and positive expectations couple of business projects supported, are signs that project Tondela, their land and its people at the forefront of development, making the county a major center of attraction in the region.

Moreover, a significant number of structural investments - both public and private - in areas as diverse as Urban Renewal, Housing, New Technologies, Environment, Health, Education, Accessibility, among many others, who have been undertaken over the last few years have generated direct impacts on the local economy that can attract a significant number of economic agents here decide to settle and invest in capabilities and resources of the County native and skills of their populations.

Approval of the 1st Review of PDM (Plano Director Municipal), made available to the population a strategic planning document, which defines a vision of sustainability and development. The PDM provides for the expansion of industrial zones already built and the construction of a new space for the establishment of companies. Alongside this growing concern, the approved document embodies the principle of sustainability of nature, combined with the development of tourism in the County, with a strong environmental, scenic, cultural, health and welfare.

Then comes "Hills Adventure," an embryonic project that requires returning vitality to the mountain parishes (St. John's Hill, keep, Silvares, Caparrós, the Besteiros Barreiro, and Castelões Mosteirinho), leveraging an offer so far nonexistent, combining activity economy with tourism.

This proposal is intended to differentiate the brand Caramulo without, however, to dissociate from its specific, making it a high quality tourist destination.

The plan is beginning to gain sustainability, were candidates for various public and private projects and PRODER the NSRF, which provide a first step to revitalize the housing.

The rehabilitation of houses in mountain villages and some important buildings in the village of Caramulo are emerging and are the basis for a future of prosperity for this piece inside desertified.

Aware of the difficulties of enterprises and households, the City of Tondela, again reversing the national trend, in the Municipal Assembly approved a reduction in 20% of urban and advertising rates, reducing the tax burden on residents.

The consortium of Caramulo Promotion Plan is a good example of strategic cooperation between public and private sector, this partnership enhances the growth and development of tourism in this territory.

The Municipality of Tondela, the second largest district of Viseu and the most industrialized region, is the perfect symbiosis between quality of life and economic growth, providing proximity to those who reside here and longevity of the reality of urban areas.

The portfolio of Economic Activity of the Municipality of Tondela is a model of success in the interior. The dynamism of the economy in the County, a favorable macroeconomic scenario and in a country on the brink of recession, indicates that the entrepreneurial spirit coupled with proactive public policies is a differentiator region is the mark of a territory.


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