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Invest The Municipality of Tondela is today a reference in the economic region. The entrepreneurial characteristic of our communities, combined with an unparalleled dynamism of the Municipality Tondela transformed into a hub of development and competitiveness on the regional and single country. The numerous economic activities pursued in the County are reflective of a new understanding of sustainable development and strategically played by local mayors, interpreted by the agents on the ground that business here, continue to set up betting on potential, local resources and capacities of populations Tondela. Investments are being made in upgrading technology, as well as the expansion and establishment of enterprises in the territorial area of ​​the County, have allowed Tondela to continue to assert itself as one of the most industrialized municipalities in our region. The sectors of industry, commerce and services, in several business areas, and despite the national context characterized by the relocation of companies, have known here, reversing the national trend, with unemployment rates well below national rates, with obvious implications on economic growth and positive county, too, well above the average levels in the country. Tourism has a strong impact on the local economy, pay attention to the number of jobs it offers, both in restaurants and hotels, as well as handicrafts. In this sense, the Municipality of Tondela have responded positively to the needs of businessmen based here. The different industrial zones located in the County of Tondela, coupled with an excellent road network, with a circulation convenient, safe and…
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Weddings and Events Solar de Vilar http://visitcaramulo.org/en/venha-ca/conferencias-e-eventos/Weddings-and-Events-Solar-de-Vilar http://visitcaramulo.org/en/venha-ca/conferencias-e-eventos/Weddings-and-Events-Solar-de-Vilar Weddings and Events Solar de Vilar
Who we are Solar de Vilar is a home solar company Vilar - Cooperative Tourism Recreation and Culture, Crl. Situated in the foothills of the Sierra and two minutes Caramulo Tondela, Solar de Vilar built in the century. Century, has undergone a complete refurbishment and has been fully preserved its historical and cultural as well as the original stunning architecture. Our motto is to contribute to the quality setting of tourists in this region, offering corporate events, institutional, social and cultural positioning ourselves as an asset for the region. Our Charter is 37/2003 Space Ready to meet various market needs, we created a space of comfort and well-being, with the perfection of the solar feature. On the first floor, designed for small events, the style does not leave indifferent those who visit us. In Ground floor, ample space, the granite walls and yellow garden with the music of falling water in the lake and the light at the end of the day cutting Caramulo, create an environment where the elements are always present. When you need more space, the pavilion in the garden is prepared with all the comforts. Weddings Solar de Vilar is the perfect space for the realization of his unique moment! Make your WEDDING ... here everything is treated in detail by a team with over 20 years of experience. The Catering and Decoration careful and now always use the best materials. With a majestic architecture and natural surroundings perfect, your guests will have every reason to…
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