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Routes of Crosses

Description of route

To get to the point of beginning of this journey, the Jerome Park Lacerda, the visitor who comes to Tondela should seek to EN 230, go through a succession of tight corners, gaining altitude towards the Caramulo, reaching 800 m to reach the village and there, in front of the tourist office to prepare to start the walk.

Walk begins by crossing a sidewalk and part of the park that leads to the first forest paths, keep towards the location that gives the name to the parish and where, if you make a little detour, you can visit the Mother Church, the chapel of S. Sebastian, who has within it a valuable sculpture of the saint of his devotion in the sixteenth century polychrome stone. After going through the Roman remains which is part of one of the seven main roads that left Viseu and allowed access to the coast, and the Way of Cruises, until you reach the main road giving access to Janardo. In this town which has had the honor of being the head of the old guard of the county where there are the buildings where they proceeded to all local acts, there is the Town Hall and the Court, both carved in stone buildings, now owned by private , built in the year 1735.

It is time to go down the roads and agricultural few feet in front began to appear the first signs of one of the most important religious celebrations in the area - The Festival of the Crosses. The pillars inscribed with the names of parishes involved in the celebration will be happening along the way the order of their arrival in the fifth Monday of the rise each year until we reach the Chapel of St. Bartholomew.

Nearby is the cruise, on a magnificent observation Besteiros Valley symbolizing the divine protection that would have been granted to the people of guard. It is along this cruise on the Feast of the Crosses the faithful form a procession with crosses, do their prayers. This site is located is also a fort, where they found gold coins and pottery, here left by ancient civilizations that have settled here.

To continue your journey, we must resume the path beside the granite pillars.

Ahead you will cross to the Ribeira xudruro on a Romanesque bridge and climbs up the slope, always with the backdrop of incredible natural beauty, until you reach the chapel of Santa Luzia, in Carvalhinho, where we have a recreation area in that the eye can see across the valley. In the Largo Lameirão, let it back to the village and back up to the mountain trails towards Cadraço.

Continuing the route will be faced with a succession of landscapes from the pasture where the cattle feed freely on parcels bounded by stone walls built of granite patiently in times gone by, right next to large tracts of undergrowth typical of altitude, up to an extension considerable oak that are present in the Pyrenean oak and oak Albariño, after which we came across agricultural areas, since the arrival in Ceidão.

Although forest paths passes by Pinhal Novo and returns to the village Caramulo. This is situated on the eastern slope of the Sierra and is still associated, through the imposing buildings of the old asylums, it was from 1920 to the country's largest resort sanatorium, which reached to allow the simultaneous admission of 2500 patients.

We are in front of the Museum of Caramulo and approaching the end of this walk across the Jerome Park Lacerda, which can be observed and rich botanical diversity, knowing that once served as a barrier to infection of neighboring populations by those who have lung problems, came in search of the ideal climate, the quiet and fresh air.


Departure and arrival: Jerome Park Lacerda

Scope: Sports, cultural, environmental and landscape.

Type of Course: From a small route, using rural roads, and traditional mountain.

Distance to go: 8 km circuit.

Level of difficulty: 6 - East.

Course Length: Approximately 4 hours.

Gaps: Moderate.

Maximum elevation: 820 meters

Advised Season: All year.


• Landscape of the Sierra belen

• Keep Church

• Cruise (at Church)

• Path of Cruises

• Pillory Janardo / home chain

• Chapel of St. Sebastian

• Chapel of St. Bartholomew

• Castro St. Bartholomew

• Cruise (along Chapel of St. Bartholomew)

• Festival of the Crosses

• Chapel of Sta Luzia

• Fauna and flora

• Museum of Caramulo

Sportnatura Eventos

Sportnatura Eventos

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Discover and get involved in a mountain of emotions, Caramulo.

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