Route of the Mills

Description of Route

Leaving or coming from the A25 via Tondela EN 627 will intersect with the EN228 and find access to Caparroso and Souto Good

The Welcome Center Village de Soto is good starting point for the walk.

Scroll through the first few meters on the main road to the entrance on the sidewalk, properly marked. To embroiled in nuclei of oaks, which have been witness of the forest in this area prior to human intervention.

There were the first agricultural fields bounded by stone walls, where they will appear elusive lizards which were enjoying the warm sunshine. They can spot up here and there, some blackbirds, robins and even Eagles Wing Round. Again we enter a forest paths between specimens of Chestnut Oaks and a presence impossible to ignore. It was in time, their presence marked in such a way that will have given the name of the place Souto Good?

There are many springs, springs, dams and rivers around here. The route follows across a small footbridge over the Ribeira da Fraga, in the presence of a luxuriant vegetation, which allows plenty of shade ferns and mosses characteristic of more humid zones.

On the way up ahead, the sidewalk accuses the repeated passage of the necessary work animals granjeio agricultural fields that are formed on terraces taking advantage of small parcels that are due and disguise the slope, prefiguring the hardness of manual labor and little mechanized that still still practiced.

Appears to us a "Alminha" and then taking the Walk of Teixugueira, granite toward the house that can be seen above, framed by a vast granaries and threshing floor, where, of course, is very dried cereal. The landscape holds the attention and, in season, back to the corn crop that covers almost all small terraced plots.

Hence also we can see the original nucleus of Souto Good: a set of traditional granite houses, soon to be appreciated more closely and where he could not miss the chapel of the village. On the Path capped off soon enough.

Entering the Walk Mill Valley, meets the first group of seven mills Ribeira da Pena. The route follows the platform that unites them, suggesting a visit to this set sheet carefully recovered in a tribute to the Environment and Nature. The passage through the sundial leads us to admire the clever expedient way of measuring time by our ancestors.

Passed a few yards of road, returning to the rural way of settlement of Eiras farmland framed by the edges of the Ribeira.

New forest paths, for rustic granite sidewalks many times pounding, and environments of serenity the journey comes to an end. We are beginning to recognize the original track.

Just beat him in the opposite direction to the point of arrival.


Departure and arrival reception center Souto Good

Coordinates: 40 ° 37 '52.56 "N 8 ° 6' 48.18" The

Scope: Sports, cultural, environmental and landscape.

Type of Course: From a small route, using rural roads, and traditional mountain.

Distance to go: 5.2 km circuit.

Level of difficulty: II - Easy.

Duration of trip: About 2 hours.

Gaps: Moderate.

Maximum Quota: 760 meters

Advised Season: all year.

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