Route of Santiago

Description of Route

Mount St. Marcos is located in the parish of Santiago de Besteiros, County of Tondela.

We followed the signs that the EN 228, in Muna, lead us to snake the slope, along the paved road, we find that Mt. That is where this route begins.

Found in the surrounding area, and the Chapel of St. Mark, a circuit, a sports park and also a picnic area that is sure to be particularly nice for some respite at the end of the journey.

The view over the valley of nonsense is amazing and predisposes us to walk.

This starts downward, on the access road and traveled about 500 meters, turns left to enter the forestry road that slopes gently down to the bridge over Riverside Misarela already announced by the roar of its waters in turmoil the slope. Soon after the Ribeira Carvalhal. The forest that dominated the landscape here allows us, along the path Fojo on where and where, to see agricultural land in the Ribeira Valley grooved.

After a short stretch of country road, there to cross the 228 and enter the town of Muna, where, if we think, come a little extension you can visit the chapel of N ª Senhora da Penha.

This reflects the route of the path heading towards the path of the vineyards that floor, as the name suggests, covers a considerable extension of vineyards and farmland to the paved road, which now overlaps with that was once one of the important routes that led pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela.

Although the marks of time, the relevance that has, until now was associated with this parish giving him his name, and his patron, St. James. The facade of the Church, displays significantly, the symbol of the Road to Santiago: a scallop shell.

The walk continues down the street from the school, up to Portela, where we are faced with more of the hallmarks of a passage of walkers of the past: the Bridge of Portela on the Ribeira de Agua d'Alte, whose place names is due to the existence of a small cascade upstream.

Hence, the route turns to the village center. At this point, the paths of Santiago following its course down the slopes of the Serra do Caramulo, and the course, withdraws following the path of Bogalhal, alongside a long stretch of irrigation towards the Bogalhal the mills, the name given to a line 3 water mills now more neglected, but do not let you print a strong mark on the landscape, reminiscent to those in the bustle of farm work here that have existed in another time.

Won this thing, the new route goes through the vast forest that surrounds Mount St. Marcos. Among the ways of the Forest of Mercy, is to discover and contemplate calmly the diversity of species that compose it. A little more left for the end where the shadow of the oaks to expect and invites you to enjoy once again the magnificent landscape.


Departure and arrival: Mount St. Mark

Scope: Sports, cultural, environmental and landscape.

Type of Course: From a small route, using rural roads, and traditional mountain.

Distance to go: 5.5 km circuit.

Level of difficulty: low

Course Length: Approximately 2 hours.

Gaps: Moderate.

Maximum elevation: 460 meters

Advised Season: All year.


• Chapel of St. Mark

• Chapel of Muna

• Camino de Santiago

• Church of Santiago

• Bridge Portela

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