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Route Laranjais

Description of Route

It begins this journey by maintaining existing circuit in the Heart Shrine of Mary, which leads to a visit to the village of Portela and follow the path of the church, towards the coast of the Meadow.

In Cacharral, it follows to the village of Eiras to know the background and font Font to wallow, their water mills, the Well Silveira, a waterfall and pond. The walk continues along the way back to the village of Quintal, whose toponymy us back to the family of Antero de Quental, who with his presence gave the name of these stops, and where you can visit the chapel of N ª Senhora da Conceição, the Source and stately houses of Santo António.

Soon after, the people climbing the path, is the Quinta da Cruz with a large expanse of chestnut and its manor house in ruins, and a eucalyptus centenary with a grand scale, the 1.5 m of soil has a perimeter 12m.

By passing the fifth, until you get to cruise travels to the Way of the litany, also covered by the faithful on the Feast of the Crosses, who goes out of the Church in procession, to keep.

This is one of the most important religious celebrations in the area, which takes place on Ascension Thursday in May and attended by several parishes.

Continue along paths, walking is the way to go to Vila de Rei, with countless examples of village houses that retain traces using mostly traditional granite in its construction, and where you can visit the chapel of Santo António. It is still possible to visit a house emblazoned, the cruise of the village, many souls.

It's time for a well earned break in the park of St. Lawrence, preparatory and then needed to overcome the steep slope towards the village of Figueiral, where you see the Chapel of St. Simon and souls, and you can visit the Central Electricity Grid and the Well is a beautiful waterfall. This is also a prime location for observing the landscape of the slope of the Sierra Caramulo that protects and surrounds the entire Besteiros Valley.

Then along the Rio de Castelões embraced by citrus, it follows the path of the mills where, as the name indicates observed some old windmills, now disabled awaiting recovery.

Across the river on the coast, it follows by Rego Irrigation, the name given to the path followed by the people on one side and in its entirety, the fields of irrigation water, the other by the waters of Ribeira and occasionally some mills .

Finally there is the village of Ribeiro where, in addition to the cruise, the bridge and the village fountains, you can visit the Church and walk through the village along the paths leading to the Sanctuary of the Heart of Mary.

The total distance is 7.5 km and the area that may be of some risk is one in which we visit the orchards along the river, therefore, is expected to apply a long stretch of rail that makes it perfectly safe. It can be considered the most difficult stretch from the park to the St. Lawrence Figueiral, where it reaches the maximum height for this route, 460.


Departure and arrival: Park Heart of Mary.

Scope: Sports, cultural, environmental and landscape.

Type of Course: From a small route, using rural roads, and traditional mountain.

Distance to go: 7.5 km circuit.

Level of difficulty: 3 - Medium low.

Course Length: Approximately 3 hours.

Gaps: Moderate.

Maximum elevation: 460 meters

Advised Season: All year.


• Landscape of the Sierra belen

• Church of Castelões

• Source Foundation

• Source of wallowing

• Water mills

• Water Falls

• Chapel of N ª Senhora da Conceição

• Fifth Cross

• Chapel of St. Anthony

• Cruise Vila de Rei

• Chapel of St. Simon

• Cruise Ribeiro

• Laranjais

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Sportnatura Eventos

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