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Route Gutters

Description of Route

This route starts at the base of Caramulinho, where it reaches the highest point of the Sierra with a 070m, and where you can see the most impressive landscapes of the Serra do Caramulo.

Hence it follows that the estradão one hand rips the rocky landscape, and the other follows the mountain pastures, highlighting the tradition of pastoral and agricultural work in this land of harsh climate, where the granite grooved accuses the passage of carts pulled by animals, and where even today one can breathe fresh air and healthy.

Upon reaching the paved road goes up a few feet to enter the paths that follow the route of the old gutters that guaranteed the water supply to villages, and so we Jueus direction. Before reaching this village typically mountain passes for two mills, and can see at the entrance to the village chapel. From the churchyard one sees what remains from the Roman ruins of houses and that was another village, now uninhabited - the Carvalhal.

The road now heads to the Pedrógão, where we can once again enjoy the uniqueness of the landscape, full of rock formations in the imagination of each one, take the most diverse meanings. Here stands the boulder Balance.

Further down there is a new aqueduct, this time built over a granite wall displaying thoroughness and ingenuity that allowed to bring the highest points of the mountain water to the population to irrigate their fields, to water the animals and also pair use in domestic chores.

From now on, goes to the last meter of a journey toward more contact with nature and natural beauty of a place that retains much tranquility and genuineness. Left leg back to start walking the trails of the mountain, passing through one of many wind towers already leave their impress on the landscape Caramulo, direction Caramulinho.


Departure and arrival Caramulinho

Scope: Sports, cultural, environmental and landscape.

Type of Course: From a small route, using paths, traditional and mountain.

Distance to go: 8.2 km circuit.

Level of difficulty: 6 - East.

Course Length: Approximately 4 hours.

Gaps: Moderate.

Maximum elevation: 1000 meters.

Advised Season: All year.


• Caramulinho

• Landscape of the Sierra belen / Rock Formations

• Chapel Jueus

• Walk Medieval

• Water mills / Gutters

• Fauna and flora

Sportnatura Eventos

Sportnatura Eventos

Outdoor Sports Activities

Caramulo based company that offers you more than the practice of sports and outdoor activities, allows you to live authentically in Nature.

Discover and get involved in a mountain of emotions, Caramulo.

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