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Route Flax

Description of Route

The starting point for this route is also the Park Heart Shrine of Mary, at this early stage the course is developed by the slope of the Sierra, enjoying its best, pure air and beautiful scenery.

The walk starts in a cobblestone path, going through some areas still in agricultural and other great spots oak, eucalyptus and pine, which will appear occasionally cork oaks and arbutus. Hence the pedestrian, and a careful observer, you may notice the passage of some examples of the fauna and also can stop at the rest area of ​​the small dam that will find before reaching the village of Múceres.

Arriving at the village, and turning to the old elementary school is to know the center of the processing of flax, where you can have access not only to the exhibition and live performance of works in linen, and get to know how this one works over entire cycle, but also experience and acquire some of the other crafts in the county.

Before walking the path of Mills, who can admire the waterfalls, water mills can also visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Deliverance in the village center.

Already towards the mini hydro, can see a variety of mills and the stunning scenery along the river.

Cross the Ribeira de Múceres and becomes the direction of Calvary Múceres. It continues to be the old connection path to the church, passing by Costa Conguedo and Lowland, are seen several waterfalls and Souls.

Crossing paths in agriculture, besides the traditional way of working in agriculture, can be seen also some flax production fields along the path that will bring back to starting point.

This route is 8.8 km, of which the first 4km greatest difficulties are those who have, by their slope.


Departure and arrival: Park Heart of Mary.

Scope: Sports, cultural, environmental and landscape.

Type of Course: From a small route, using rural roads, and traditional mountain.

Distance to go: 8.8 km circuit.

Level of difficulty: 7 - Medium High.

Course Length: Approximately 4 hours.

Gaps: Moderately steep in places.

Maximum elevation: 500 meters

Advised Season: All year.


• Landscape of the Sierra belen

• Center of the processing of flax

• Chapel of Our Lady of Deliverance

• Water Falls

• Water mills

• Fields of Flax

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Sportnatura Eventos

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