The Consortium Region Caramulo
The Consortium Region Caramulo

Born in the desire to promote tourism and business in the region Caramulo, the consortium comprises public and private entities, driven by the same passion and desire to grow the region.

A strategically located in the center region of the country, less than two hours drive of major cities, and unique natural features and distinctive.

Move-in to make sure that the Caramulo Region has much to offer, from the purest air in Europe, the contact with the virgin nature, the food plentiful and election and the magic of our Secret Mountain, hidden in the sea of ​​clouds.

Come here.

The Consortium Region Caramulo

Sportnatura Events
Hotel Caramulo
Solar de Vilar
Tourism Center
Brotherhood of the Lamb and Sierra Caramulo
Caramulo Museum
City of Tondela
Quinta de Cabriz
Parish of guard
Society Caramulo, SA
Hotel José Severino