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Barro Negro Molelos

Barro Negro Molelos - Living Heritage

Located at 2.5 km in the northwest of the county seat of Tondela, is the parish of Molelos. Since ancient times, has been an important production center of black clay artifacts, as is revealed in the necropolis of Paranho, with vessels of the period of the Bronze Age. The clays of high plasticity and the growing market needs led to the development of an important craft, making the parish of Molelos a remarkable school for many generations.

The production of clay Molelos not live alone, but also by the context in which they arise and function that may have played. The clay of black Molelos established itself through its utilitarian function in daily life of people. Used to store grain, olives and olive oil to bring the fire and cook food, to store liquids such as water and wine, or to be served at the table, the dishes remained black, over time, its essential role in the life of populations.

Traditionally, the dish was cooked in Soengas, ceramic baking process in the pit, shallow, dug in the ground. In Molelos, cooking gear type (through the complete obstruction of the "oven" at the end of cooking) leads to a completely black dishwasher and partially sealed.

The Land of Besteiros museum project, using appropriate methods and techniques to collect, classify, preserve and exhibit objects ancestral wants to not only show them, but also to explain and interpret them. The poles museums to visit (pottery, garden houses, places of cooking), will give relief to a traditional art form that, although embellished with the emergence of a young potter community, should not be forgotten when it comes to the first techniques and forms used. Illustrating all the work done by the potter, the phases because the clay passed, since he was removed from the earth to become a part, to carry future generations of the imaginary gestures, way of life, the story of being potter, who repeated over time. It is the defense and preservation of the rich municipal heritage.

Nowadays a new generation of potters, creative and determined, implemented in the market, seeking new approaches with aesthetic sophistication, styling types, with new uses and conquer territories, with a very diversified production and series. The facility work we rationalized arise with mechanical methods, for better performance. Today, the pottery is present Molelos innovation, and perfection of finish. The vein is a creative and artistic commitment to the future. Innovation, product promotion, their quality are synonymous with dynamic production planning and strategic vision of the market. The avant-garde shapes, bold new trends and research in addition to black, the pottery of Molelos gained a privileged place in the tourism promotion and cultural Tondela County.

Câmara Municipal de Tondela

Câmara Municipal de Tondela

Browse the Municipality of Tondela, is truly from the discovery of history in its most beautiful aspects, art, landscapes and people, because in every place there are other brands worth being admired times: huge solar with its magnificent stone weapons, churches, chapels, bridges and water mills.
The architectural heritage of historic value in the city are referencing some housing a matter of record, both for its size and magnificence, as the history associated with them and their owners. Registration are also the pillories, representing landmarks of local history and tradition set in the Portuguese political charters.