The Municipality of Tondela still keeps alive the old crafts as an expression of local art, with high cultural and economic nature.

The craft is strongly linked to the traditions and customs, with the largest representation of the popular culture of the people of Tondela, which highlights the Barro Negro, Cooperage, Basketry and the tin. The art of cultivating flax, as well as the restoration of wood, are also strong activity in our county.

The craft has taken an important role in economic development / tourism in the region, keeping the traditions, as well as keeping the concern to ensure the preservation, development and innovation.

Barro Negro Molelos - Living Heritage Located at 2.5 km in the northwest of the county seat of Tondela, is the parish of Molelos. Since ancient times, has been an important production center of black clay artifacts, as is revealed in the necropolis of Paranho, with vessels of the period of the Bronze Age. The clays of high plasticity and the growing market needs led to the development of an important craft, making the parish of Molelos a remarkable school…

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