Do you know where the main Festival of Classic Country, with ramp speed, skill competitions and exhibition of the most beautiful cars ever built?

Here, in Caramulo. All Septembers.

But we have much more to themselves, parties, festivals, fairs, music festivals, theater festivals, art shows, movies, .... Fun!

Come Here! We await you.

Fairs, festivals and processions NAS parishes of TONDELA ABSURDITY BARRIER: S. Sebastian - January 20 Our Lady of Good Voyage - last Sunday in April (Corveira) Our Lady of Fevers - Pentecost Sunday (the Deer Valley) S. Santiago - July 25 (Arnos) Feast of the "Bodo" ​​- last Sunday in July S. Sunday - August 4 (Valley) Our Lady of Miracles - August 15 (Corveira) Our Lady of the Nativity - Patron - September 8 S. Simon - October 28…

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